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Note: Dear Reader, This is not a website, just possibly a more comprehensive books blog that features a few of my other interests besides the world literature I love so much. I am in the midst of making my website – one that will connect to this blog… a website that  features both my writings and photography.  – Susan Abraham,  January 29th, 2017


For someone who considers herself illiterate, I must have dreamt about this kind of a books blog for ages with the exception that I never really felt compelled to embark on such a venture, what with numerous time constraints.  I was also hounded by a daunting feeling, that I still had to read several more novels and engage myself towards an easier familiarity with varied classical texts.  Yet I longed to be able to manage such a feat, from where I would present a far more serious intent on my approach towards world literature & the cinematic arts.

No doubt, it is finally with readiness imageedit_2_6375105809and excitement that I have revived this older blog. Hopefully, posts will prove more challenging in structure and form, mainly in my approach towards certain regional novels and world cinema.

I take comfort that where my own artistic passions would will themselves to burst at the seams, that Nobel Prize winner Orhan Pamuk has himself offered introspection in his illustrious selection of 2009 essays where he recently published The Naive and The Sentimental Novelist. Here the famous novelist had suggested that although any reader could discern general thoughts and impressions or even basic emotional discourses as pertaining to a  narrative or characteristic elements on a book;  it was only the novelist who hankered after a ‘sentimental’ spirit, that would  offer a detailed inventory of a novel.

I am that kind of writer.

I have a great interest at present in literature from the Middle-East and Greater Middle-East, Africa, the Artic, the regions sculptured from the former Soviet Union or one that may be termed Central Asiatic and also the Far East (British Malaya/Malay Archipelago) and the Inuit (Eskimo) culture. However, I hold a  penchant that may be deemed overly maternal in its love, devotion and protectiveness. This leaning towards Arabic, Turkish and Persian tales and also,  those from North Africa, Central and West Asia and the Greater Middle-East, laid out for the reader of  the English Language. I also read a fair bit of literature pertaining to the lives of explorers, adventurers, travellers and sailors on the Seven Seas.  I have been reading these themes and regions intensely from the early part of 2008. Still, there is always a lingering interest from childhood, towards contemporary British fiction and the classics, all to which I  loyally return.

I am not any kind of  expert…only an avid reader humbled by the romanticism of the universe.

Susan Abraham –

January 29th, 2017

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