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A phone photo. I’m good with nature shots on my camera but not with phone filters etc. I prefer traditional outdoor pictures so please forgive the clumsiness in this one and especially so, the afternoon beam of light that had brazenly shot across my frame from the top right.

I was at Books Kinokuniya Bookshop at the KLCC in Kuala Lumpur, a few months ago when I happened upon this portable bookshop. Yes, it’s probably just about six inches high, all in all. It was being showcased for sale, from a DIY – do-it-yourself – box, at the stationery department. How enthralling!

It’s all very micro, fitting into a size that’s just about under 1 foot long. Do you spot the step-ladder, lamps & books on those dusty shelves? They also have DIY boxes for a tailor’s room, a kitchen, a greenhouse for flower pots & some others. I was spellbound!



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