After a Long Hiatus – August 7th, 2017

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A big apology for those who read me faithfully, in the past. I haven’t been here for a long while as I was deathly ill for close to a year. Perhaps someday, I shall feel inclined to talk about it. However, I am now well enough to blog about books again. I find blogging regularly these days to be a difficult discipline but am glad I never gave up. Still, since I am presently, surfing  the road to recovery, I read whatever I crave at the moment, which could just be about anything although I stay inclined towards serious fiction. Literary fiction is what holds my heart.

For many months, I couldn’t read anything at all so it’s good to say hello to my own trusty library and also, bookshops again. I still own a mysterious love for Arabic, Persian and Turkish literature. I seem to really enjoy reading stories on Islamic regions probably because it is a point-of-focus that proves illuminating and intriguing for me. Or perhaps, because I was born in Malaysia although I now travel and spend quite a bit of time in Dublin, Ireland, where I am at the moment. I also love British fiction and stories of the Malay Archipelago. It feels really good to be back and being able once more, to reclaim the desire to write about my favourite reads, after such a long, long time away.

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