To Fleece a Kiss


by Susan Abraham

Dear Readers,

After almost 14 months, I am resurrecting this books blog. I open up with a forgotten Moorish custom. I look forward to writing once more,  about the kinds of world literature I love to read from specific international regions and also other things like art films and traditional coffee cultures, to be found in the Middle-East. morocco

Here is an ancient Moorish custom where if a man on wanting to avenge blood is able to trespass victoriously on the land of a different tribe and kiss one of their women on her breasts; with his lips – if he can succeed in doing this – then he becomes a brother to his new kinsmen who will defend him and offer protection from dangerous enemies. A valued & original antique print that I purchased from Charing Cross Road in  London, England on  April 29th of 2014.

2 thoughts on “To Fleece a Kiss

  1. this is such a lovely blog Susan – i love its colour and the snippets of information and little treasures of stories – thankyou and blessings – Lely


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