Shermay Loh at the Kinokuniya Bookstore Singapore June 11, 2011

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On the afternoon of 11th June 2011, when O Thiam Chin read from his work of flash fiction called Under the Sun at the Kinokuniya Bookstore Singapore – please see my earlier photograph HERE – former Singaporean banker turned children’s book writer, Shermay Loh also launched her super new mystery laden with thrills and spins and aptly masqueraded in the form of Archibald And The Blue Blood Conspiracy.  I’d say the event was perhaps an hour or so before Thiam Chin’s. Loh appeared buoyant and radiant.  She would prove very popular with the family crowd. A long queue of hopeful children eventually snaked their way around the bookshelves, longing for an autographed copy of a storybook that would surely immortalise the memory of their lovable bumbling hero, Archibald. It was a breezy, jovial affair. With some admiration, I watched the unfazed Loh  work her animated zest with the children.  This photograph reflects a slice of that moment.  There were too many people about as I attempted a shot.  I also cropped this scene as I was hesitant about presenting  any  picture of a child on the worldwide web, without prior consent of  its parents. © Copyright Susan Abraham

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